Jane Lenore Vampa

Jane Lenore Vampa

Welcome to the dark whimsy that is my mind!

The name is Jane Lenore Vampa—but you can call me J.L. If there’s one thing I despise penning, it’s “About Me” sections. Everything else, I’ll gladly put into words or you.

I travel in my tiny home on wheels with my tiny humans and musician husband. Give me mountains, books, a taco—let’s be real, like, five tacos—some misty rain, a French pastry, and endless cups of coffee and I’ll be forever in your debt.

My favorite book is Jane Eyre. I firmly believe a woman doesn't need a knight—she needs a sword, that kindness is essential, family is the greatest currency, and every human wields a unique magic I want to know more about.

April Ludgate is my spirit animal. I’m moving to England someday to be on British Baking, and I’m determined to locate a niffler, make him mine, and name him Lemony Snickett.

Enjoy my ramblings around here, connect with me on social media, and dive into my world with my books.

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