A Doris Day in a Kim Kardashian World

 Legendary singer and actress Doris Day passed away May 13, 2019 at the age of 97.

When an icon dies, it’s not like the death of an average person. The whole world grieves and takes a look at their life to a great extent. Some news articles blast a controversial headline, some focus on the benevolent behavior of the person, or the terrible. Many become nostalgic, replaying movies, songs, you-name-it the deceased was involved in. It’s a time that makes everyone think.

For me, the death of Doris Day had me thinking 1: What a long life she lived. That is a beautiful thing! and 2: the wholesome impact she had on Hollywood. The girl next door. She made modesty sexy in the best way, looking absolutely fabulous as she did so!

The “every woman.” The woman of beauty exactly how she is without needing to bare her unmentionables to draw attention;standing out amongst the scantily-clad masses. The woman so intriguing because she still remains a beautiful mystery. The woman who has so much more to offer than a pretty face.

In a world of Ariana Grandes and Kim Kardashians, let’s be the Doris Days and Audrey Hepburns.

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